we have assisted clients in all matters involving real estate

  • Qualifications


    At Winsløw we have great experience with assisting companies, property investors and pension institutions with transactions regarding real estate. We know the negotiation situation and know how to navigate effectively through company law, taxation rules, environmental- and plan law to our client’s advantage.

    Furthermore, we activate our professional network consisting of banks, real estate agents, mortgage institutions, contractors as well as branch associations and interest organizations if we know it will make a difference.

    We assist in all transactions from the Letter of Intent, Non-Disclosure Agreement, negotiating and drafting the Purchase Agreement, performing Due Diligence investigations as well as taking care of the Closing of the transaction, including the registration process.

    Our ambition is to be proactive and to structure each real estate transaction in the best possible way.

    Claudia S. Mathiasen, Iben Winsløw and Andreas Antoniades are responsible for our real estate transactions.




    For many years we have advised contractors, technical advisors and building owners (both private and public) regarding construction law. We help in preparation and negotiation of construction contracts, conflict resolution and arbitration cases.

    Our goal is to include our client’s interests in the construction contract. Should a conflict arise along the way, we try to reach a pragmatic solution that will work quickly and to our client’s advantage.

    Furthermore, we also help technical advisors, usually engineers and architects with their rights and obligations. Preparation and negotiation of the contract is part of our services.

    Here are some of our primary work areas: 

    • Construction contracts
    • Consulting agreements
    • Property and defects
    • Extra works and delay
    • Survey's
    • Guarantees
    • Expert decisions
    • Arbitration cases and court cases


    Trine Bøgelund-Kjær and Anne Støtt Hansen are responsible for our cases regarding construction law.




    According to Danish law the buying of services and goods as well as building and construction jobs are subject to competition for public contracting entities. Regardless if it concerns procurement in accordance with the Danish Tender Law or procurement in accordance with the procurement directives, it is difficult to navigate through the complicated set of rules. First of all the rules are often amended and secondly, they are based on judgments passed by the Danish Complaints Board for Public Procurement.

    We have made it our expert area to assist public contracting entities respecting the procurement rules when buying services and goods as well as building and construction jobs.

    We assist with:

    • Tender documents after a technical briefing from the client
    • Quality control of the client’s own tender documents
    • Strategic discussions regarding choice of allocation- and sub criterias
    • The conditional matters in connection with applications for pre qualification or offer
    • Evalutation of applications on pre qualification
    • Evalutation of offers
    • Participating in offer presentations
    • Recommendation of a winner to the client
    • clarification of later questions
    • Complaints at the Danish Complaints Board for Public Procurement

    At the same time we help the tenderers in understanding the rules of procurement so that submitted offers are not disallowed as unconditional. For instance, an offer can be disallowed if for some reason it does not comply with the formal requirements for application.

    If you are a tenderer we can – among other things – assist you in:

    • Quality control of applications for pre qualification or offer
    • Evaluation of the tender material in relation to the rules of procurement
    • Evaluation of the possibility of right of access to documents
    • Strategy in case the tenderer by mistake has not been pre-qualified or elected as winner
    • Completion of complaint cases at the Danish Complaints Board for Public Procurement

    We annually conduct various courses and presentations on the rules of procurement for clients and others with an interest in the rules of procurement.

    Trine Bøgelund-Kjær and Anne Støtt Hansen are responsible for our cases regarding the rules of procurement.




    The lease contract is important for the value of a property and usually a significant part of the operations.

    There is an increased focus on the operations of a property including its lease contracts and rent level and  after the acquisition of a property further development is often needed to maintain or increase the value of the property.

    For years, we have assisted clients with navigating safely through all the applicable rules.

    Among other this includes:

    • Market rent level including analysis and comparison of rent levels
    • Entering into new lease contract
    • Preparation of lease contract
    • Co-operation in setting up a paradigm for lease contract
    • Renunciation
    • Sublease
    • Amendment and renegotiation of the lease contract
    • Removals and other matters related to the termination of the lease
    • Resolving disputes at the housing tribunal and the courts

    Iben Mai WinsløwFinn Träff, Andreas Antoniades og Claudia S. Mathiasen are the experts regarding leases.  

  • Qualifications


    You meet a lot of legal issues when working with cooperative ownerships. In general a cooperative dwelling has the same status as a freehold flat, a family house or a similar property. The difference is that the ownership is organized in a company form. Thus there are elements of both real estate and company law in the legislation relating to cooperative dwellings. Some cooperative housing associations also have a strong cultural identity, which we must consider.

    At Winsløw we advise on both the establishing and the running of cooperative ownerships. We conduct many court cases on their behalf and among other things we help with reviewing the articles of association.

    When working with cooperative ownerships the financing is an important issue and we have made it our specialty to  advise on financing conditions. At the same time we have a broad experience in reconstructing such legal entities.

    When you live in a house owner association there are many issues that needs to be solved internally. Typically, it concerns construction jobs on the association’s property, but is can also concern disputes between the individual house owners on matters regarding the operations of the association or the right to use certain areas. We have conducted many court cases for house owner associations and we assist with the updating the articles of association.

    Furthermore we have expertise when it comes to establishing a new freehold flat in the house owner association’s property, typically on the roof. We know all the challenges in this area and can assist with making the necessary agreements and the necessary registration.

    Finn Träff and Søren Nørkær Hansen are our experts in this area. You are always welcome to get a reference from a similar case.




    For retailers the customer experience is at the heart of everything. In Winsløw Law Firm we take the same approach with our clients. For many years we have been working with retail clients, which in size and complexity count boutique, Danish stores and large international chains. By doing so, we have built up a sector-specific experience with and commercial understanding of all significant phases of a retail business and the challenges that are specific to retailers, especially in a market characterized by major changes in customer spending and purchase patterns.

    We are constantly updated about the industry by being active as participants as well as speakers in Danish and international retail networks, including Copenhagen Commerce & Culture, ICSC, NCSC, IBA's European Fashion and Luxury Law Conference and MAPIC

    Our experience with retail clients includes:

    • Advice on establishment of business
    • Negotiation of leases with particular focus on terms relevant to retailers, including industry-specific terms for calculation of the rent
    • Advice about rebuilding, HVAC and interior decoration of stores
    • Compliance with relevant registration demands and necessary permissions
    • General conditions for customers
    • Advice on digital sales channels combined with sales from physical stores
    • Assistance regarding supplier contracts


    Claudia S. Mathiasen and Andreas Antoniades are responsible for our cases for retail clients.




    At Winsløw we can assist with all matters defining a real estate property including its use, boundaries, fence, easement, planning and other matters regarding the property.

    Cases regarding land regulation are often against public authorities but we also represent clients in cases for public committees

    for instance the Danish Environmental Board of Appeal. The cases are often based on complex issues and the outcome can have large financial consequences for the parties involved.

    Finn Träff, Anne Støtt HansenAndreas Antoniades and Iben Winsløw are our experts in this area.




    At Winsløw we work closely together with public housing associations planning to erect new homes or renovate existing properties. We assist with interpreting the rules in this regard and handling the formalities. We also assist with the preparation of tender documents in connection with construction and renovation matters.

    As an example we have prepared the tender documents for renovating 500 public housing, which also included the administration of construction matters and rehousing.

    We assist regarding:

    • Develop strategies in planning new constructions or renovation
    • Prepare tender documents after a technical briefing from the client
    • Quality control of the client’s own tender documents
    • Advise on the choice of form of procurement and award criterium
    • Evaluation of applications on pre qualification and offers including examine if the applications/offers comply with the requirements
    • Prepare additional questions to applicants/offerors

    Finn Träff, Anne Støtt Hansen and Trine Bøgelund-Kjær are our experts in this area.

  • Qualifications


    At Winsløw we have a qualified registration team, where we go together across professional boundaries, thus solving highly complicated registration cases.

    We deal with all types of registration cases from the registration of ordinary conveystitle and marriage contractsproperty pacts to large property transactions, land transfer conveys, relaxations, association of articles and divisions of mortgages, etc. Our registration cases comes from all playersparties in the sectorindustry  from private peopledevelopers to project developers and, land surveyor andland inspectors to other law firms.

    We are actively involved in several networks within the area of registration, and have a good cooperation with the Registration Court.

    Iben Winsløw and Finn Träff are our experts in this area.




    At Winsløw we assist a number of companies solving problems within company law and business transfers.

    This includes:

    • Establishing new companies
    • Choice and modification of company form
    • Capital and financing matters
    • Ownership structure including capital changes, management matters, shareholder loan, dividend, own shares, and other company matters
    • Acqusition and sale of companies
    • Mergers and demergers, provision of assets, liquidation and other conversions
    • Shareholders' Agreements
    • Investment Agreements
    • Joint Venture Agreement



    Many years of working with company law have given us a strong starting point for advising our clients. Our knowledge and experience is based on specific cases and we are ready with competent feedback regardless if your business is situated in Denmark or abroad. This, of course, also applies if a foreign client wants to establish a business or execute agreements in Denmark.

    Not only do we know the rules, we also understand the “game”. Many clients therefore ask us to handle both strategy and the process from beginning to end. This ensures coherence, overview and the best basis for a successful case.

    Claudia S. Mathiasen and Dines Benned Jensen are our experts in company law.  Iben Winsløw and Dines Benned Jensen are are experts regarding limited partnerships.




    At Winsløw we have great experience in preparing as well as handling commercial contracts in Denmark and internationally.

    We can assist in preparing and/or the handling of:

    • Standard terms and conditions for purchasing and selling goods and services
    • License agreements
    • Agreements in connection with development of products
    • Agent- and distribution agreements
    • Co-operation agreements
    • Establishing national and international Joint Ventures and consortiums

    Furthermore we assist in connection with disagreements in contractual issues whether or not it concerns prevention or immediate dispute resolution. We offer strategic feedback and find ways to a possible re-negotiation.

    Claudia S. Mathiasen and Dines Benned Jensen, are our experts in contract matters.




    Winsløw represent Danish and foreign clients before the Danish courts including city courts, high courts, the Supreme Court, the Danish Complaints Board for Public Procurement The Danish Arbitration Board for Building and Construction, and in other arbitration cases. We know all about the procedural rules and we know how to present every single case in the best way within the formal framework.

    Our goal is to always identify and analyze the risk of conflicts, first and foremost in order to prevent a conflict but also to ensure our client the best possible terms, should a dispute be inevitable.



    We assist in securing evidence for instance by out-of-court expert opinion. We estimate the procedural and financial risk of a conflict and recommend strategies in relation to the future procedure. We assist with mediation and negotiate on behalf of our client when a settlement is possible. Should a need for mediation or any other form of structured settlement negotiation arise, we are also able to provide expert counseling within these areas.

    We assist with collecting the claims and outstanding amounts resulting from a court ruling.

    Claudia S. Mathiasen and Trine Bøgelund-Kjær are our experts in dispute resolutions.